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Pianist Melissa Jennings

Melissa Jennings is a concert pianist. Melissa is Irish, and she currently lives in Dublin. She is a Cambridge University graduate and a recent post-graduate at the Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin.

Melissa had many beneficial experiences and exposures to music, and was a student of many important teachers. She won many prizes and scholarships, and performed at music festivals and masterclasses. Indeed Melissa has studied a range of piano music, and this includes advanced works. Of course, concerts provide her a great opportunity to play pieces from her repertoire.

Artist manager at www.byarrangementwithjackprice.com now advise Melissa on her career. This was a result of successful concerts during the last three years. Now Melissa is working towards events in 2021.

Artistic and Concert Management

Unfortunately there are restrictions in place that apply to music concerts. Melissa has an online section for videos, and also includes Live Concerts. See Instagram @Gubenz_Pictures or https://www.instagram.com/gubenz_pictures/

My Concerts

My last concert, that is before the pandemic, was in the National Concert Hall. Indeed it was back in January! However, it was a great concert, and very well attended. I played music that I played previously. The audience, who included many friends, enjoyed the Schumann ‘Papillons’ and a Chopin piece-Nocturne No 15 in E Flat.

My Classes

Melissa is now offering remote lessons, so as to reduce any risk. However, the format is a private piano lessons in your home but is instead external. All are welcome to enrol, including beginners or advanced. If you are a newcomer, please send me a message. There is a contact form on the Menu above.

Virtual Music Lessons from September 2020!
Please message me if you are a newcomer.

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