Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons.

Term 1:  12 weeks from September 4.

Private lessons weekly. Length of lessons depend on the grade/level, for example:

  • 30mins – Beginners to Grade 3
  • 45mins – Grade 4-6
  • 1 hour – Grade 7-8

Practice is important, especially for higher levels.  I will indicate at the end of the lesson what homework is to be completed for the next lesson. Higher grades will require more time to learn the music, and students will need to set aside an hour a day (perhaps not every day) to make progress.

Progressing at the piano of course does not always involve exams, and some students can use the lessons for playing for fun.  If you are doing an exam please take a note of when the exam is going to take place, as this may differ from other school exams.